Business Practice

March 14, 2016 - Zagreb


Experience change by yourself

Change is about getting the practical lessons you embrace through the process. It is about the faith and inspiration you posses through the process. It is about inner you and creation of the new discoveries that are around you all the time. It is about achieving result by having different actions than before change. Having this practice, you as a transformative leader radiate values and energy to the broader team creating spiral of success.You cannot be transformative leader if you lack the practice of change and transformation on yourself. Similar to – you cannot fully understand parenthood if you don’t have a child. So this is the first step for the leaders – to be in the transformational shoes. Change is not easy, exit from the comfort zone is something we don’t embrace and celebrate, but development of yourself and your surrounding is happening in situations – when change hurts. So second lesson is to be prepared that change hurts. Third lesson is that after hard work and pain renaissance comes. So you do a change because of that part. This lesson is about love and passion. And the last one, not the least, is about people you are bounded during your change. If you transmit the energy of faith in what you do on your team, even in case of cash flow shortage team would have a great energy and motivation.


Right timing for change is crucial

Leadership is about brain, stomach and heart. You are leader if you are competent; having feeling about the whole context and passion you transmit to the others.  It is about a balance, as well in everything you do. It is about how you and your organization achieve an extra mile. To be transformative leader you need to the above said add one additional characteristic which seams small but is huge.  Good judgment for the right timing to make a change. Right timing for change is one of the crucial elements for success. Firstly you need to create waves and then make judgment when and which ones to catch. When you catch it you need all the competence, wisdom and passion of you team to be a winning surfing team. Wrong timing for change, even though you posses all great leadership skills could lead to the different direction. Transformative leaders are ones who conceptualize, create and influence on the readiness of the organization to embrace and lead change. It is about ability to create and sustain the motivation of the team. Motivation could move the mountains. How to create collective motivation – dream of many leaders? It is million dollar question…


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