Studio5 and our expertise in the field of transformation and years of experience are positioning us in a way that we can implement a complete transformation in companies of different sizes and different industries. In doing so, we take care of: development of new governance models, scenarios for successful restructuring of business performance, people and their motivational aspects. Depending on the result of transformation, our approach in this module is success fee oriented.

Transformation elements:
  • Top line strategy
  • HR strategy
  • Cost optimisation
and People

People are the key success factor of any action. People come before strategy. Set up of the resources and processes within organization are one of our first modules.

We offer:
  • Development of processes schemes
  • Set up and development of the best fit organization
  • Management assessment
Resources (HR)

HR function in an organization that is aligned with business is the key to success.

We offer:
  • Compensations and benefits system redesign
  • Talent management
  • Corporate climate check
  • Set up of the platform for the desired corporate culture
  • Actions for desired Employer branding
  • Development of effective HR @ Company
  • Collective agreement bargaining and labor costs optimization
  • Redundancy programs
  • Outsourcing projects, acquisition and integration projects

What is company key direction and reason of being? Where are the key strengths? Where are the key blind spots? We focus on formulation of trustworthy strategy and align it with the practice. We believe that everyone in organization should know simple and trustworthy strategic direction. We also believe in growth, sustainability, and trustworthiness of the brands.

We offer:
  • Strategic planning process and alignment of strategy with the goals
  • Practical strategy guide to everyone in organization
  • Strategy communication
  • Marketing and brand strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Brand propositions development
Cost and
Financial Management

Business practice has shown that short-term approach to cost optimization can lead to the decline in value of the company. In fact, the main success factor in cost optimization is the practice of introducing new mindset in the company. We support Zero based budgeting method, more as a philosophy of the approach. We implement as well different aspects of financial management services.

We offer:
  • Cost diagnostics analysis
  • Profitability improvement
  • Development of management reports (MIS)
  • M&A, spin off, financial restructuring support
  • Implementation plan – how to implement the behavioral element of new cost approach

Based on client needs we can offer

- Takeover of management of the whole company within limited time frame

- Project based approach - operational consultancy approach

Based on context we can offer:

- Stakeholder management

- Relations with local community and unions

- Relations with investors and banks

- Relations with customers and employees